Aluminum Party Size Grinder
Aluminum Party Size Grinder

Aluminum Party Size Grinder

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Who's ready for a party? Large capacity in mind for those special events.  Made in Canada. 100% pure aluminum with stainless steel pins. Pulls apart for even distribution. Award-winning grinder! 

This is the Sweetleaf Party Size Aluminum (3") grinder, which is part of the famous top of the line, original Sweetleaf Grinders that are small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough to do the job, and useful on a wide variety of herbs. They are hand powered with ultra sharp cutters so you can easily control the grinding speed and duration, making them the easiest to operate of any herbal grinder. Simply place herbs inside, join both sides together, and then hand twist until gradation of contents achieved. Polished to a high gloss and made of hardened aluminum for years of reliable service. Sweetleaf is the original and the best in the industry.

Customer Reviews

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Best grinders ever

I finally wore out my wooden one after 20 years! Now I have upgraded to aluminum and buy them for family and friends. Thanks for a great product!

Brian Glassey
Replacing after 20 years

I never thought that I would have memories of my sweet leaf grinder. After what seems like 20 years I decided to purchase 2 new units.
Nothing wrong with old unit, my kids took it 😏

Not to my surprise, absolutely nothing was changed on new units. Proving the time tested grinder.

Alex P.
Tried and proven, you litterally can't go wrong.

Let me start off by saying I DON'T ever write reviews. But when I own a product for over 10 years, that delivers a consistent and flawless experience everytime it cannot go unmentioned. Sweetleaf was my first ever grinder and can confidently tell you will definitely be my last. A proudly Canadian made product with outstanding quality to price value. You won't regret it.

Robert Jones
Great grinder

Have had one for yrs. and use it regularly. Just bought an additional one as a gift for some friends.

James Loud
Best Grinder in existence

I was given a prototype in 1997 and it lasted 20 years until it was stolen along with my backpack in an oakland smash and grab. That grinder traveled all over the world with me and I rolled thousands upon thousands of joints with it. It’s the best and longest lasting grinder on the market and I can’t put into word the extent of gratitude I have towards Sweetleaf for making such an amazing product. Here’s to grinding another 20 years of fantastic adventures.