Aluminum Pocket Size Grinder
Aluminum Pocket Size Grinder

Aluminum Pocket Size Grinder

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Looking for something on the go? This little wonder will keep you moving. 

Conceived in Amsterdam, made in Canada. 100% pure aluminum with stainless steel pins. Pulls apart for even distribution. Award-winning grinder! 

  • Newest Version Available / 100% Authentic Sweetleaf Brand
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction for Maximum Durability
  • Compact and Easy to Carry Pocket Size (50mm/2.00" Diameter)
  • Extremely Tough Stainless Grinding Pins Shreds Dry Herbs
  • Round Ergonomic Shape with Lipped Edges for Superior Grip

Customer Reviews

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Jarrett Cooney
The 7 year search

I've been looking for this type of grinder that wasn't wood and have had a running bet with a friend I could never find a full metal grinder like this, I'm glad to say I have won. This grinder works so well and has already lasted through what I put it through. 10/5

nigel swat

got my first sweetleaf in 2002 at the cannabis celebration in Amsterdam. it was the wood one. bought another a couple of years later. both were wood and served me well for over 2 decades. this year I decided to retire them and move up to metal. still the only grinder I truly love.

Best grinder you can get!

I bought a Sweetleaf Grinder in 2002 I believe. I used it until 2019 when the police took it. I explained that I had Cerebral Palsy and that it was for medical purposes, but they took it anyway. Medical marijuana became legal in my state the next year. Can’t wait to get a new one, wish I had my old one.

best there is

grinding with sweetleaf for many years tried others this the only one for me

Randolph Weinfurter

Great product. Made well. Way better than the cheap plastic ones. Transaction was great and fast shipping.