Wood Party Size Grinder
Wood Party Size Grinder

Wood Party Size Grinder

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Conceived in Amsterdam, made in Canada. 100% pure wood with stainless steel pins. Pulls apart for even distribution. Award-winning grinder! 

Sweetleaf grinder is the original grinder to ever come on the market. The original party wood grinder which is half an inch bigger than the pocket wood grinder (2 1/2″) has a unique finish on every grinder so every grinder has its’ own distinct look. This grinder is small enough to fit in your pocket but has the power of a wood chipper!   The Sweetleaf wooden grinder contours the palm of your hand perfectly when grinding making grinding your own material less of a chore and more of a quick simple process. Each Sweetleaf wooden grinder has it own unique natural wood grain. Its straight pin teeth design is based on a patent from 1905 and Sweetleaf was the first grinder to hit the market back in 1999. The Party size is 2 1/2″ and works well at home or when traveling.

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Why do I have 4 Sweetleaf Grinders ?

The product is just that good ! Got my first grinder in early 2000’s. I still have it and it is used every day . Still going strong after 2 decades of use ! I had a wooden Sweetleaf Grinder but sold it to a friend who fell in love with it after using it a couple times. Replaced the wooden one and got 2 more aluminum/stainless party grinders. One for downstairs areas and one for upstairs. Convenient !
Great product and I couldn’t find any changes to craftsmanship or materials between my first one and the new ones sent. Same great grinder as always.
Highly recommended and worth every dime spent!
Go with the best and get Sweetleaf !

James Meline
Best customer service ever.

In the summer of 2002 one of my pins came out of my sweet leaf grinder. It was a gift and I didn't know where to find a replacement. I contacted them inquiring about a new pin I could put in myself. Instead they sent me an entire new grinder and a hand written note. I kept that note, and the grinder,, until earlier this year when I lost all my personal belongings. I am here today to order one more.


I remember distinctly the day I first tried a Sweetleaf Grinder. It was 1999, I was in Amsterdam sitting in Barney's Breakfast Bar, enjoying the only American breakfast I could find. It was more English breaky than a real American breakfast. I was happy to get some fluffy eggs and toast. The weird big sausage wasn't what I expected but was amazing.

As I waited for my meal, a couple of other Americans joined me at the table. I was picking apart a beautiful White Widow bud with my fingers, trying to get it down to a rollable form. That's when it happened. It was like discovering the Holy Grail in a thrift shop. It completely changed my life forever. That is why I decided that I HAD to do a review of it.

Sweetleaf Grinders were the first of its kind. At this time in history, we have a million grinder styles and materials from hemp to titanium. In 1999, there was one grinder, Sweetleaf. I will stand by my statement from 1999, for rolling joints, pin-tyle grinders are the best solution for joint rolling consistency.

It doesn't crush the seeds, and stems are husked rather than crushed and shredded. You can easily pick out those offensive tasting parts and enjoy authentic herb flavors. If you have grinders in your shop...You have to have the Original. This store commodity is something no store should be without, so order now.

Mackenzie Scott
Great Product!

Firstly, you’ve got a really good product. I’ve been procrastinating sending this message of praise for about 15 years now. Anyways, I really like your grinders. I first got mine in 2006 in Windsor, Ontario. That’s in Canada not Oregon, right across from Detroit. Detroit lite or Detroit Jr. if you will. I once told someone I was from Ontario and they said that they’ve never been to Oregon. Then they asked me if I was from Ontario California, I said it was in Canada. We were both confused. Anyways back to your product, the only issue I’ve had with my grinder is that one of the teeth fell out the second or third time I used it. That and over the many thousands of kilometers and substantially less miles my sweet leaf grinder and I have travelled time has worn the sweat leaf brand etching. Which is shit because if I’m going to rep a brand it’s sure as shit going to be one with a badass black sabbath song for a name. Yes, this grinder has Borne witness to all the significant high points in my life, the founding of a business, the conceivement of 2 wonderful children, an amicable divorce, many career changes, 5 moves all over Ontario(Canada), the first purchase of a new car, the first time a girl let me put it in her bum, it was there at the beginning of the first iron man movie and it was there at the end of endgame. It helped ease the passing of Prince, James brown, bill withers, Michael Jackson and the horrible fucking ending to the Sopranos. It’s been both too hot to handle and too cold to hold. It’s see tundra, desert, glaciers, and a litany of other geographic regions. It finished college with me and it’s been to the North Pole, it made its way back from Cuba and has been retrieved from the bottom of a lake and helped roll joints on top of mountains. It’s ground weed in a greyhound bathroom and at many a Christmas, Easter and thanksgiving. If this message is saying anything, it’s thanks for engineering a product that doesn’t suck. Best $25CAD I ever spent.

Shea Nean
This Grinder Is Amazing!

I’ve had my current grinder for 8 (almost 9) years. It’s amazing and the absolute longest I’ve ever had a grinder for. I just bought one for a Christmas gift for a first timer. Super excited to pass on the amazingness that is Sweetleaf!