Wood Party Size Grinder
Wood Party Size Grinder

Wood Party Size Grinder

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Conceived in Amsterdam, made in Canada. 100% pure wood with stainless steel pins. Pulls apart for even distribution. Award-winning grinder! 

SWEETLEAF grinder is the original grinder to ever come on the market. The original party wood grinder which is half an inch bigger than the pocket wood grinder (2.5″) has a unique finish on every grinder so every grinder has its’ own distinct look. This grinder is small enough to fit in your pocket but has the power of a wood chipper!   The SWEETLEAF wooden grinder contours the palm of your hand perfectly when grinding making grinding your own material less of a chore and more of a quick simple process. Each SWEETLEAF wooden grinder has it own unique natural wood grain. Its straight pin teeth design is based on a patent from 1905 and SWEETLEAF was the first grinder to hit the market back in 1999. The Party size is 2.5″ and works well at home or when traveling.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Roberts

I also have used Sweetleaf grinders for a long time but my new party size grinder gets stuck and won't move no matters how much I clean it , feels like it's not perfectly rounded

Vanessa Valencia

It's been 14 days since I ordered it and I still have NOT received it, so I can not leave a review....

Dan Contreras
quality is not what it used to

I had a sweetleaf grinder for many years, and it was consistent for years until it was stolen. I received this new grinder thinking that it would similar. It gets stuck when your breaking down the herb and then the lip broke. Its not what it used to be. Very disappointed.

Jayne Blake

I have been using your grinders for many years. They were the best. I recently bought 2 new ones that don't work like they used to. They are made of a different wood, not sure if that's the only problem. They do not grind without getting stuck the minute you put something in it. I am so upset with this new product. I put them aside and I'm looking for an alternative. Can you tell me why this new grinder is unusable?

Stacy Edwards
Uniquely effective

I’ve been on the search for a grinder that gets me away from aluminum. I asked around and someone said to check out sweetleaf and look for the wood grinder, so I did.
It came today and I used it today. I absolutely love it. It cuts through your plant well and does a good job. The wood quality is good too. I highly recommend.